GORC Socks

Here's the design for the GORC socks. All proceeds go back into the club for supporting your local trails. Ordering details will be on the website. Buy a pair of these 100% wool socks for yourself, and one for grandma, she'll love them.

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God hates Castlewood

OK, that's no way to put it. God loves castlewood. He just has to let mother nature lay the smack down every now and then or there would be great unrest upstairs.

I was talking to Sam last night and he told me about some cool maps and storm descriptions on the... Read more

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24 Hours of Big Bear, 2005

as written/reported by Rob Horn

We are a bunch of friends from the mountains of far Northeastern Tennessee. We are the riding hillbillies. Only two teams have come to wage war on Big Bear down from the nine we brought in 2001 to Snowshoe. Team number one is “Dr Skips Medicine Show... Read more

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Jeff City -----> OWNED!

The GORC Posse found it's way to Jeff City Saturday for the Midwest SingleSpeed Championships. As usual we made our indelible mark on this event.

Here's a quick rundown of the team:

mad hungarian
the pimperbinator
bryan radams + his lovely assistant
izak... Read more

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24 Hours of Snowshoe, 2004

as written/reported by Rob Horn

04’ 24 Hours of Snowshoe
Sometimes life just seems kind of surreal. Have you ever done a major thing in your life and after it is over it seems like it was light years ago even though it was only days or weeks in the past? Then you do it again... Read more

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KC Summit 2004: We're Gettin' the Band Back Together, Man! March 19-21, 2004

as written/reported by Matt. Facts might be inaccurate here or there, just because he can't remember...

The 2004 Midwest Mountain Bike Advocacy Summit in Kansas City, MO may have lasted only 3 days (Mar. 19-21) but the memories will last for years.

Since GORC is an ever-... Read more

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24 Hours of Snowshoe 2003

as written/reported by Rob Horn

Well as most of you know I headed off to race the 24 in West By God Virginia in late June of 03’. I kept telling Izak I would write a story about the mayhem for the GORC site and did do so only to erase the damn thing by pure accident while drinking... Read more

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The GORC Posse unleashed in the land of cheese!! The Wisconsin IMBA Epic at Levis-Trow Mound near Neilsville, WI was the site for a GORC invasion of the highest order.

Several GORC regulars were joined by an unexpected arrival of the South City Crew. These boyz were bent on total... Read more

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GORC Road Trip - Slatyfork, West Virginia, Tea Creek Trails

as reported by Matt Hayes to the best of his knowledge. Facts might be inaccurate here or there... The GORC crew planned a quick escape to Slatyfork, West Virginia, after John Donjoian (the GORC Kingpin) got word that his job was flying him out there. Not wanting to be left out of the... Read more

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