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Local Organizations and Clubs

The Ozark Trail Association
A great organization that exists to create, preserve and promote the Ozark Trail. If you like riding backcountry trails you should really become a member and even show up for some fun work days.

Trailnet helps municipalities design streets, sidewalks and trails where people can walk and bike safely to local destinations within and throughout their community. Trailnet is one of eleven regional partners developing a sustainability plan linking agencies, services and resources across the bi-state area.

Great Rivers Greenway
In the year 2000, the people of the greater St. Louis area voted to create the Great Rivers Greenway District. By exercising their voice and their vote, the residents of the City of St. Louis, St. Louis County and St. Charles County made it clear that they wanted to make the St. Louis region a better place to live. Since that time, the Great Rivers Greenway District has been working to carry out the vision of the people.

Meramec Valley Trail Association
The MVTA was established with the mission of connecting the communities along the Meramec River valley in Franklin County. This will be accomplished by creating a natural surface trail beginning at the trailhead in Pacific, Missouri crossing throughout the Meramec River valley and connecting to the Ozark Trail at Meramec State Park in Sullivan, MO.

Meramec Greenway
The Meramec Greenway, which is located in east-central Missouri near the City of St. Louis. The Greenway follows the Meramec River from its confluence with the Mississsippi River for 108 miles into the Ozark uplands. Its natural features include springs, bluffs, caverns and expansive beaches. Established in 1975 the Meramec Greenway now features over 28,000 acres of public parks, conservation areas and institutional lands that offer a wide spectrum of recreational and educational opportunities. Its success is a tribute to the unique partnership of governments and citizens that have cooperated for over thirty years.

Open Space Council
The Open Space Council for the St. Louis Region is a nonprofit organization committed to conserving, protecting and sustaining land and water resources throughout the area. They have played an integral role in restoring and supporting a clean and healthy Meramec River, helping establish Castlewood State Park, Forest 44 Conservation Area and Beetree County Park, among others. In addition to restoring and maintaining the region's already dedicated open spaces, the organization's ongoing work includes identifying areas that can be acquired and set aside for public use. Acting as a Land Trust, we raise and provide funds for new open space projects, offering land owners an alternative to development.

Terrain Magazine
Terrain is a locally owned and operated magazine that focuses on outdoor fitness, adventure and discovery in St. Louis and the surrounding area. Terrain connects enthusiasts who are passionate about sports such as running, hiking, biking, paddling and climbing. Terrain’s editorial package includes top destinations and locations, personality and business profiles, education and tips, gear and accessories, sports nutrition and medicine, and fitness news and events.

St. Louis Area Mountain Bikers (SLAMB)
St. Louis Area Mountain Bikers (SLAMB) is a group of recreational mountain bikers of all ages and skill levels. We ride all of the singletrack in the area as well as trails in the surrounding regions and other states. We plan rides during the week and weekends, night rides, day trips and camping weekends. We also post bike shop events, races, GORC trail builds, and more - anything mountain biking related. Rides are scheduled year-round, even in the summer heat and in subfreezing temps, weather permitting and if trail conditions permit. Gravel routes are planned when singletrack is not rideable. The group is made up of all skill levels including beginners who have just started to advanced riders who have years of experience and can handle anything technical and epic. The goal of the group is to simply bring people together who share the passion of the sport. Regardless of your skill level, you’ll find we have something for everyone! SLAMB uses as their communication forum to post and plan rides. It is a closed [meetup] group but open to anyone.

United In Dirt
The UFD consists of a collective group of promoters, trail builders and racers unified in the goal of bringing dirt lovin’ good times to the Missouri and Kansas region. UFD Racing is as much about fun, sharing new experiences and making new friends as it is about the racing. UFD is open to all and welcomes new male and female participants off all ages and abilities.

Bike Skills and Coaching

Roots MTB
At Roots MTB, we aim to create a fun, safe, learning environment to help riders tackle even the most technical trails. Developing skills on a bike is all about progression. Start small and you'll be going big in no time!

Full Mettle Coaching
Road + MTB + Gravel + Cross. FMC provides personalized attention and regular feedback to help cyclists of all levels reach their event or race goals. I use TrainingPeaks for planning and WKO4 for analyzing workouts to optimize your training time.

Wheels Up
Wheels Up is committed to the up most excellence in mountain bike instruction. Collectively, as a team we represent 50 years of professional classroom experience among our 3 instructors. With certifications in CPR, First Aid, Guide Instruction, Mountain bike techniques, Coaching, and Bike Instructor Certification Program (BICP). We provide the safest events with the most up to date education for each and every rider.

Out of State... But Still Cool

Brown County Mountain Bike Trails in Nashville, Indiana
Designed from scratch by mountain bikers for mountain bikers.  With miles and miles of flowing machine-built trail, scenic vistas and amazing terrain, Brown County has become a world-class mountain biking destination. The trails are about 4 - 5 hours from St. Louis.

Michigan Mountain Biking Association
They hosted the 2009 Midwest Mountain Bike Festival. They are comprised of International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) chapters located throughout Michigan. Each chapter elects a representative to sit on the MMBA Board of Directors to represent their interests in state advocacy efforts.

Oz Trails
Millions of trillions of dollars keep pouring into Northwest Arkansas courtesy of the Walton Foundation and other grants. Sheer money and town visionaries are reshaping the Bentonville region's outdoor experience and quickly establishing itself as the Midwest's answer to "Got Flow?"

The Peoria Area Mountain Bike Association
PAMBA was formed in April of 2000 in order to promote and protect and promote the sport of mountain biking throughout the Peoria area. GORC knows several folks out in PAMBA. The mission of the Peoria Area Mountain Bike Association (PAMBA) is to promote off road bicycling through education, trail creation, trail maintenance, and social events.

Shawnee Mountain Bike Association (Illinois)
SMBA is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 by a few dedicated cyclists that wanted to make certain there was a future for mountain biking in the Shawnee.

Durango Trails
Durango Trails builds and maintains trails; educates trail users and encourages connectivity on road, path and trail. They are based in Durango, Colorado.

Grant Resources

Recreational Trails Program Website
The Recreational Trails Program funds hundreds of trail projects coast-to-coast annually. The Federal Highway Administration, who facilitates the program, has changed their website considerably to make it more user friendly and encourage clubs and communities to apply. Many IMBA affiliated clubs have become experts at applying and building trails with RTP funds.

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