2012 Volunteer Appreciation Party Recap

GORC hosted the Volunteer Appreciation Party at Greensfelder Park in St. Louis county. Over 40+ people showed up to celebrate each other’s hard work in 2012. With many more miles cumulatively built all around the region, each year mountain bikers have better and longer singletrack options.

This year featured a stellar raffle with prizes provided by REI, E-Trailer, Maplewood Bicycle, Mesa Cycles and by a fellow who donated a $25 Quicktrip gas card to the booty pile. Dogfish donated a large portion of our brand new Trail Builder T-shirts which he handed out all day!

Join us on the trail to make our region the best place to get that magical singletrack fix. Here’s how the day went down told through images.
All great parties involve cake, right? GORC doesn’t skimp on cake and we ended up with a custom-built full sheet from Federhofer’s Bakery.


To kick the day off right, a 10am poker run got everyone on the trails and guessing where the next obstacle course / deck card would appear.


Matt and Lisa’s poker run station involved consuming insulation biscuits that double as food stuffs. We are using the leftovers to fashion key ring floaters and selling them at Osage Beach.


Again, no proper GORC gathering can be without fire. The Glassberg shelter at Greensfelder offered a great outdoor fireplace.


Bad poker run hand? Step on up and earn your bonus card the fun, er, hard way…


The pogo stick was a hit.


JohnF brought his jump bike which was used successfully at times. Other times it sorta just made grinding noises sliding on its side.


Raffle winner taking the prize


Meats on the grill (and circular pressed vegetables) for the hard-working trail volunteers who have made a difference in 2012 by attending our numerous trail building days.


Kirby keeping the hungry crowd satisfied.


Raffle callouts lasted about a half hour with an intermission thrown in.


Ron accepting his swag


Tom won the Mesa Cycles Rockshox Recon 29er fork. Sweet! This photo highlights the inverted fork design.


GORC fed the fire well into the evening


JimB brought a bean bag game that was a crowd hit. Of course, he schooled us all!


No caption needed


A great event that wound down in front of the fire. GORC cannot say it enough: