2011 Volunteer Appreciation Party

This year it’s at Creve Coeur Park following the workday on Nov. 5th. Now we’ve held these parties for the last 5 years, starting at Greensfelder, and moving to Cliff Cave last year. Strangely enough, the promise of free beer, food and cake(!) has not been enough to draw many additional people. The first few parties were in Dec. so it’s understandable that many might not like to be out in the cold all day, but they’ve since been moved to an earlier date, so there are no excuses!

If you’ve attended a workday this year, or even if this is your first one, let us know you’re attending by signing up and then come on out. Weather permitting, it will be a day of trail building, riding, and free food and beverage. What more could you ask for?– well, maybe don’t answer that one…

Cake from last year’s party