Lisa and I (Matt) decided to check out the Brown County Break Down after riding there multiple times and reading about the event. So on a whim we signed up and checked it out.

Here’s a quick pictorial of the event. There aren’t many photos because the trails are too fun to slow down and snap pics…

Everyone waiting to get started – about 500 riders


Near the homebase setup headquarters

Riders were staged based on distance (100/75/60/40/20 miles) and within the mileage by speed – fast, average, leisurely.

About to enter the first trail. On Saturday this parking lot was full of product demos from Scott, Trek, Cannondale and Giant.

Hesitation Point – at the top of the 2 mile climb then doesn’t womp you on the way up. Very fun on the way down and where they hold their Super D races earlier in the year.

A small sampling of their trail armoring work. With 95% of Brown County’s trail being dirt they take great care to ensure the singletrack doesn’t erode or become a bog.

At the 40 mile end point – featuring live bluegrass music and food.

A view of the historic cabin and live band

If you ever find yourself wondering about Brown County State Park then check this out.