Using GPS: Converting to .CRS

Using GPS - Convert to Course

GPS Tutorial for Garmin Devices

Many people have asked GORC how to add or convert GPS files from GPX to CRS and send them to their older Garmin device that we decided to write our own universal tutorial.

Part I: How to Convert a GPX/KML/TCX file to a .CRS file.

1. Download a GPS track you want to put in your Garmin.
2. Go to

Wait, What is GPSies?

GPSies is a German-based site and the service is based on an an idea by Klaus Bechtold, a enthusiastic runner and software developer. It's unclear whether it is still a one man operation because a lot of the supporting pages are in German. Many, many people use GPSies because of it's ease of use to convert files into other useful formats. The GORC web admin has been using this service since 2007.

3. Browse and upload your file
4. Choose "track" and from the drop-down choose "Garmin Course CRS"
5. Press Convert button
6. After a few seconds the file should start downloaded to your computer.
7. Find it and know where it's at for Part II
8. You have now converted a GPS file into a Garmin Course readable file

Part II: How to Add A Course to Your Garmin Device

Forerunner Series / Edge 205 / 305

Garmin Edge 305

1. Attach the garmin to your computer and make sure the software (Garmin Training Center) recognizes your device.
2. Open Garmin Training Center (software that manages your garmin device)
3. Go to File--> Import--> Courses and select your course file that you converted from Part I
4. Once imported, this course should show up under the folder COURSES in the left pane of the program.
5. Now to add the course to your Garmin device, Choose Device--> Send to Device. This will now start the upload process of the route/course from the Garmin Training Center software to your Garmin device.

Note: With the Forerunner / Edge 305 Series:
Memory limitations on these devices make you choose wisely. When you 'Send to Device' a pop up window will show you all the courses and then you can select individual ones to put onto your device. Iif all of your courses in the Garmin Training Center software will fit in the memory then it will simply load them all up.

DONE! All that is left to do now:

Step 6: Get on your bike and ride the course!
Go to Training--> Courses--> Select your course--> Select "Do Course"