As a courtesy GORC provides the general community with easy-to-read printable maps of all the GORC-maintained trails in our area. We have performed trail design, construction or maintenance on almost all the trail systems listed. We use GPS mapping equipment and software which we then translate into a graphics editing program. We release maps and subsequent updates as they become available. Check back often for revisions.

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Latest Trail Conditions

Latest Trail Conditions

Bangert Island (St. Charles Area) (Weather)
From Tony Caruso: I've been checking the trail on a daily basis. As of Thursday the 29th, it's still very wet in most places. It may be too wet to ride, but if you want to join me for authorized trail sculpting and maintenance, you can contact me at 314.973.4422
Al Foster Trail (Gravel Routes) (Weather)
From 95vtr250: The Al Foster was 85-90% solid last night. There were a few damp areas, but not enough to leave ruts. Stinging Nettle was mostly good from Sherman Beach, but pretty rutted.
Cliff Cave (St. Louis Area) (Weather)
From rodenbeckb: Only a few sections of the trails above the cave that still need to be avoided because of the mud. The horses have done a pretty good number on a lot of it as well and make it rough going. Don't expect the typical fast speeds for these trails.